Legislation, economics and the impending climate crisis is requiring electric generation to transition rapidly away from fossil fuels to non-dispatchable, zero-carbon wind and solar. There is currently no easily replicable long-enduring (>10 hr) energy storage solution. Pumped hydro and compressed air storage have geographic constraints, but thermal energy storage (TES) does not, and has been proven with Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Plants. TES offers the most geographically neutral and economic solution.


We seek to provide an engineered solution using non-toxic, low-cost materials in conjunction with legacy power plant infrastructure. These re-purposed power plants would then maintain at least part of the current workforce and require FAR less permitting, studies, and time to design and build.

Schematic of Gigawatt-hour Thermal Energy Storage Solution

Experimental testing and computational modeling of a radial packed bed for thermal energy storage – Walter H. Gerstle, Nathaniel R. Schroeder, Luke P. McLaughlin, Clifford K. Ho, Hendrik F. Laubscher, Steven Kao

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